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iPad Market Share

I think everyone, myself included, has enjoyed the open vs. closed debate for iOS and the theories around it’s impact on Apple’s revenue streams, but honestly, enough is enough.

“Acer exec says Apple’s ‘closed’ iPad will drop to 20% market share”

It’s one thing to speculate that a company with no prior mobile presence will be unable to break into your market. At least you have a defensible position, replete with the market share and industry clout you need to make such a pompous assertion.

But when you’re Acer, and you and your schoolyard gang (I’m looking at you, Dell and HP) have stood by and watched Apple upend your netbook world, you are not so entitled to your soapbox.

Until someone other than Apple actually ships something, tablet market share discussions are nonsensical. Because Apple IS the market.

Or maybe Jobs should just publish some of his thoughts on the ‘openness’ of Microsoft’s operating systems.