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Starting off on the right foot

I’ve been pretty successful the last two weeks (well, this last week anyway) at pushing work out of mind, but as the dread of going back has mounted this weekend, I’m already falling off the productivity bandwagon and onto the hot gravel of procrastination road. I dove back into my stale RSS reader instead of my work laptop, and came away even more resolved to wrest the reigns of my life and career in the direction I want them to go. I’ve already resigned myself to working obscene hours this week and next to close down my lingering year-end projects, but that does little to motivate.

Here’s a quick tidbit I’m going to be writing more about, the kernel for a few ideas I have cooking: What are you working on by Seth Godin. Ever inspiring, but more importantly, an essential message: if you don’t have something in life that you’re currently working on and excited about, then what the hell are you doing?