Alex Stockwell

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“If the server gives you trouble, you’re within your rights to shoot it.”

Shoot the trouble, that is. Not, you know, the server.

Tonight’s beat was phase 2 of a server install, and it went off completely (well almost) without a hitch. That just doesn’t happen in computers, and I’m almost scared to even say it now, because IT is one of Fate’s nastiest mistresses, and if you so much as poke a stick within 50ft of Fate with IT around, she goes all Fatal Attraction on your ass. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. No email for you tomorrow.

Phase 2 server/network install for client B this weekend, but before that is the 48 minute religious experience on turf, a.k.a. team Ralphs Lunches. We’re looking for logos; send me something good.