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Re-hash 4/20

Feeling a little too meta today. Second guesses flitting around my orbit like flies that want my food. Starting tomorrow early to see if shock therapy (aka waking up early on Saturday) is the remedy.

Rendezvoused with a few from the old Firm crew, was a bit like a freeze-frame in time. They’re living their lives, mostly separated from the firm; and I’m living mine. And maybe the strangest of all, is the Firm is living its life as well, like a strange organism it carries on, or rather, is carried on upon the brows of those still in that race. Strange because I gave so much of my life to it, and now others are doing the same, on and on. I’m only just realizing how much living was squeezed into those years, and it’s startling (especially because it frequently felt like the opposite was occurring). I’m glad for it. And I’m more glad everyday, which maybe is the real reason people do that sort of thing, even without the hindsight.