Alex Stockwell

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It may be a bad idea to…

  • Work in a creative full-time job
  • Run an IT side-business solo (still proud of you bro, even though you left me! ;)
  • Prepare mentally and logistically for an offspring
  • Be taking compressed pre-med lab science courses
  • Be part of a weekly indoor soccer team
  • Do a half-reasonable job being a husband, friend, and occasional drinking buddy

…at the same time.

Ah well, what’s life if we’re not learning something, right? I thought this post by Matthew Smith was lovely and timely.

They say, when priorities are a fickle wench, that you really don’t have any priorities. My wife’s always the voice of reason when I can’t see the forest through the trees, and even though I want to be doing all of these things (and more! so much more!), the reality is that at some point, everything starts to suffer. I’m grateful to have the very fortunate circumstance where I have so many positive things competing for my waking hours, but there are only so many.┬áIt’s not pleasant to look at what you’re doing and have to trim things out, having to call people you’ve made commitments to and break them, or postpone things you’ve planned on or hyped. But in the end I guess it comes down to focus and attention, and deciding amongst everything you want to be doing, what is most crucial to spend your precious little attention on.

That list is about two weeks old, and since that time (and maybe thanks to a nervous breakdown or two) I’ve managed to cut out two of the three major side-business projects, two classes have wrapped up, and I’ve sadly hung up the soccer kicks (for now). Now let’s see what the next two weeks bring.