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Quit prepping the canvas

This is my mantra for the month of June (and perhaps beyond). It’s a bad analogy to painting: a (good/experienced) painter knows not to waste time prepping their canvas, they just get on with the painting. It doesn’t matter if the canvas is perfectly straight, taped equally, or scrubbed clean of smudges and pills. A painter knows this is but one of many pieces they will paint in their life, and that if a true masterpiece should emerge, any canvas issues will be trivial to address by comparison.

This could be taken to mean many things for development: yagni, don’t shave that yak, jfdi, etc. Basically I want it to be a reminder to get on with it already, whatever it is. Stop nitpicking the copy, stop refactoring the invocation script, stop with the ceremony that -when you really look at it- is superfluous. Just get going.