Alex Stockwell

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Breaking Down Barriers

I just learned that one of the big barriers to a goal I’ve had for quite some time is not a real barrier at all.

It’s funny how that works. I have a lot of goals that float around in my head; some much loftier than others. And the loftiness is almost exclusively measured by how long it would take to achieve them - and how many barriers there are in the way. So imagine my surprise when something I’ve resigned myself from ever doing, and tried to talked myself down from wanting, turns out to be much closer, and much less lofty, than I ever thought it was. The punchline? It’s been that attainable this whole time.

Why do we focus on barriers? They say when set your focus on something, you can’t help but run into it. It explains why a disproportionate amount of cars will hit a single tree in an open field - the driver can’t help but focus on the tree. So maybe we make mountains out of molehills, but it sure is nice to hit that first peak so quickly.