Alex Stockwell

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Blood-Stained Pages

This is more of a reflection than anything, but it’s crazy to me to think about the workpapers and documentation we produce when working on a publicly traded or otherwise-regulated client. Having been through the ringer a few times, I now look back at previous year’s work and can really see it for the blood, sweat and tears that went into it. We may end up with a concise, two-page memo that all parties involved agree with, but going through the means to get to that end is another story. Hours and hours of work. Stress and deadlines. Inadvertently straining client relationships or small miscommunications that turn into bigger issues down the road. Blowing something out of proportion on either side. Fear (of something … failure, maybe?).

I guess that’s probably how a lot of things can be viewed. Novels are surely covered in blood; diplomas as well. Anything done well and nurtured and slaved over. Anything that someone gave a damn about. All beautifully, wonderfully blood-stained.