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Difficult Choices

Started my new job today (well, yesterday, by the time I get around to publishing this). The new gig is at a graphic design and marketing studio, where I will be working as a web/interaction developer. I have some big plans for the future, but for now you can see their website as well as some of their work at

The place is great, but the story of getting here is the real reason I’m writing.

I’ve begrudgingly come to the conclusion that I don’t handle BIG changes very well, even though I like to think I do. So when I first heard about this opportunity 4 months ago, I thought, “Well if all the pieces fall in place, then sure, no problem”.

But then, the strangest thing happened - slowly but surely, all the pieces started falling into place. I did a small outside project with them so we could both test the waters. That went swimmingly, so we started discussing the particulars of the possible position. Before I knew what happened, I had a decision to make.

As much as I’ve learned at the Firm, and as much as I enjoyed the relationships and the dynamics and the sometimes even the craziness, I felt like this was a jump I needed to make. But of course that does NOTHING to assuage my cold, rational brain, which was having a total freak out.

Soooo… I sat. Sat and thought. Talked to mentors and friends, both inside and outside the Firm. Thought about where I wanted to end up and how I wanted my life to go, and all those other huge, heavy questions that no amount of thinking will ever get you closer to answering.

In the end I knew in my gut this was more lined up with the work I wanted to be doing, and so I jumped. Let’s see where it goes from here…